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Add me too. They told us in their high pressure sales that it was a great investment that would grow in value.

They also told us we could sell it at anytime. When the Real Estate crash came we had to shut down our company due to lack of work. I knew that we couldn't afford to pay the maintenance and taxes fees which have gone thru the roof since buying so I called West Gate to ask them to sell our timeshare and explained our situation and they told me they didn't sell them for owners. We were lead to believe at the time of purchasing the timeshare that they would sell it for us had ever needed to and that they would sell it for a profit for us.

They also told us we could rent our timeshare so we asked them to help us rent the time share and they said they didn't do that either and that if we wanted to rent it we needed to pay that years maintenance and fees which at the time we couldn't afford to pay so we were told we couldn't rent it anyway until the fees were paid. Then I told them to just take back the time share because we didn't want it and couldn't pay the fees and they told us they couldn't take it back and we were responsible for the fees regardless of our financial situation.

Then the sent our outstanding fees to a creditor to collect and they tacked on almost as much as the fees we owed in collection fees. I want out of this and my credit restored I tried everything to get out of this trap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Westgate Lakes Resort And Spa Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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It is YOUR responsibility to sell YOUR timeshare. There are several internet timeshare resale companies.

Since the market crashed, the value of your timeshare also took a dive.

You should price the value accordingly. If you are still making monthly payments, you might be upside down in equity.