Scottsburg, Indiana
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Quality of Accommodation

Me and my family were on vacation in Myrtle Beach S.C. We were told a big line of BS and we went for the presentation.

We told them we couldn't afford to buy the timeshare right now, so they said let me talk to my boss. They come back with prices marked way down but we still said no. Then we bought a one time vacation so we could "try it out"! Glad that is all we did cause we can't book a vacation cause no availability for 2015 so we only have till 2016 to use this so I hope we can get scheduled in 2016!

We also told them that we would have 10 people and I was told we could only have 8. I said they told us we could get a rollaway bed. She said no you can't and it will cost another $400 to go to a 3 bedroom.

We would have gotten that to begin with if they would have not lied to us when we purchased this. I am very upset and I can reassure you when we go for our vacation in 2016 we will not be buying anything else nor will we ever go on another "presentation" with this company again!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Westgate Resorts Pros: Nice facility, Location, Places showed to us.

Westgate Resorts Cons: Being lied too, Service, Lies, Fees, Availability.

  • Westgate scam class action
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