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I have a floater week and I still get ripped off. If I want a popular week such as spring break time, I still have to pay a fee which no one told me about when I bought the unit.

I explained when I bought I work in education and would only be able to go during my spring break, Christmas break, or possibly a week in the summer if I wasn't working a particular week (I work in the summer also). I was told as long as the availability was there it would be fine. Well, they wanted an additional $250 when I tried to book spring break week. This in addition to my exorbitant fees that keep going up.

There are several things that were misrepresented to me during the sale that I can not prove, so I am basically screwed. One big one is that I own a 3 bedroom place and I was told when trading with Interval that I would receive a 2 Br and 1 Br if no 3 Br was available (or three different 1 br units). I later find out you have to pay a trade fee for EACH UNIT although that was never told to me.

In addition, DO NOT take out a long term membership to Westgate Cruise and Travel. They misrepresent what you will get and in addition you can get wrong information depending on the person you ask questions to.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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