Orlando, Florida

I used to have an excellent opinion of Westgate Resorts, until now. A company’s image is made of good service, quality, takes time to be built, but can be destroyed by its employees and third parties.

I stayed at Westgate Vacation Villas, Orlando, from October 1st to 6th and I had the worst traveling experience in my life.

In a few words, our complaint is based on the bad attendance made by Blanca (hospitality service), Tatiana Sanchez and Sofia Abreu (gift shop). They were rude all the time, never tried to help us and what they really did was stall and send us to other departments in order to get rid of us.

My thanks to Francisco Segarra (night MOD), the only person that was kind and really made all he could to help us.

I hope you are patience enough to read all the details to the end.

After we checked in, we HAD to go to the hospitality service and there, the attendant Blanca’s main concern was to convince us to go to the breakfast sales tour. Her sales pitch were Universal Studios park-to-park discount tickets, saying that we could go to the new attraction Harry Potter Express (train from one park to the other).

After a 4-hour tour, we went to the gift shop to finally buy the tickets. An unkind and rude attendant, Tatiana Sanchez, just saw the papers given by Blanca e gave us the ticket, without any question or explanation. So we just assumed we had bought the ticket Blanca advertised us.

On the next day we went to Universal Studios. When we were about to enter the Harry Potter Express, we weren´t allowed because our ticket was a 2-day base ticket, meaning that we couldn´t switch parks in the same day. Besides the humiliation, frustration and disappointment, we couldn´t go to the main attraction we were interested in.

Our nightmare started when we went to talk to Blanca. She said that she couldn´t do anything, that this wasn´t her problem, we shouldn´t have used the tickets (how could we have known we were given the wrong tickets?). In the end, she said it was not her responsibility and that we should talk to the gift shop.

Gift shop: we had to go many times not to have our problem solved. The manager was never there and Sofia kept stalling us saying to talk to the manager.

All in all, we were made fool of ourselves: it took us many hours to try to talk to “the managers” who were supposed to help us but didn’t do anything simply because we had already used the ticket, which was not our fault, we just followed the standard process of the hospitality service + gift shop as we were told. Both employees made a mistake and we were the only ones to pay the price for it. Nobody, apart from Franscisco, was willing to solve our problem.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Westgate Resorts Cons: Rude bunch of people, Poor customer service, Sales team, Employees made mistakes and i had to pay for it.

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